About Us

Bilal Productions is a Line Production Firm dedicated towards facilitating film shoots in the exotic Kashmir valley. We provide film makers a full range of location & production services & the best equipments throughout Kashmir. Our main offices are in Srinagar. Kashmir offers a wide variety of breath taking locations & filming options ranging from Lakes, Mountains, Meadows, Forests, Gardens, Architecture dating back to hundreds of years & much more. You can go through our gallery of pictures to get a feel of this exotic valley which is called paradise for a reason.

Who We Are

Bilal Productions is a reliable, the first and foremost team of film professionals excelling in executing and handling of Film Production Services in Kashmir, you can hire our company as your counterpart or simply hire individual services and we will take care of all your needs such as: budgeting, location scouting/ recce, permissions, logistics, professional film/video equipment and casting. We are credible option for your Line production in Kashmir because we are well versed with local norms, ethos, rituals, culture and customs. We are matchless and accurate one stop film service providers in Kashmir. Our clients have been experiencing our commitment in delivering of professional and Personalized services.

Our Mission

We welcome you to join us in filming this spectacular and amazing part of the world, best described by Emperor Jahangir as; “Gar Phirdous ba ruye zamee aste , Hami Aste Hame Aste” If there is Paradise on Earth, It’s here, it’s here, and it’s here! Our mission is to lift the tourism potential ,Kashmir offers to beginners, oldies, adventure lovers, nature servants, film makers, wild enthusiasts, flora and fauna, the ecstasy Kashmir offers to those who seek to contribute the nature in need and deed. It is our endeavour to revitalize the Kashmir economy, culture, art and tourism: the way Kashmiri’s want it to be… Using Bollywood as the real Launchpad to fulfil our undeterred commitment; that excels Kashmir and Kashmiri’s. We do what you aspire and we aspire what you desire, that is what we all deserve..

Permissions / Permits

We share a great deal of reputation and manoeuvring with all the concerned stake holders, Tourism department, security agencies, Traffic Clearance Authorities , Floriculture ,Archaeological survey of India, Universities, Development Authorities, heritage and cultural forums, wildlife and forest. All we expect from our clients is just an intention to Bilal Productions, the rest is our duty.